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Welcome to our centrally located orthodontic office in the heart of Munich.

The costs of your initial consultation in our office will be covered 100% by all general German health insurances (AOK, TKK, DAK, Barmer, BKK, etc.).

We are specialized in the treatment of children, teens and adults. Our youngest patient is 2 years and the oldest 82 years!

We individualize our treatments using the most modern and effective treatment concepts including:

    • functional removable appliances
    • general removable appliances with springs, expansion screws, etc.
    • fixed appliances or multiband with metal or cosmetic brackets
    • fixed lingual retainers
    • removable positioners
    • professional tooth cleaning

We offer treatment for severe skeletal malocclusions, including Class III (prognathic bites), Class II with a small lower jaw, cleft palate cases and all other bone problems. These cases need a combination treatment – orthodontical and surgical. Our treatments are based on the latest international standards, including the diagnostic records. Our X-rays are made by the newest generation of digital machines.

We are looking forward to meeting you.

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