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  • After being treated by Dr. Chapman. I am really happy about the results. At the first consultation appointment she explained to me which problems I have and what we can do about them. X-rays and models had to be taken. During the second appointment Dr. Chapman explained to me what treatment would be the best for me. The results of the treatment are mindblowing. I would never have thought that the results are possible. I can highly recommend Dr. Chapman to anyone.

    MarynaAge, 23
  • A nice smile really helps your selfesteem. I always had complexes about my teeth. After orthodontic treatment with Dr. Chapman I feel that my teeth are perfect.

    AdelaAge, 18
  • It's never to late for braces. Since I am an adult, I thought that I would have to live with my ugly teeth. It's not true. Dr. Chapman explained to me that anyone, at any age can be orthodontically treated. The treatment itself takes time but once it gets going it is o.k.

    MariaAge, 29
  • Of course braces are not ideal when you are a teenager, but what can you do if you have crooked teeth. Get your behind moving - I had braces for a little over 2,5 years. It wasn't that bad - now I have fantastic teeth. P.S. The office is close to Tiffany's.

  • The treatment wasn't always easy. I had to go to Dr. Chapman's office on a regular basis, about every 4 weeks. The time and effort spent was worth every minute. I can recommend her all of my friends and relatives.


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